Best Destinations to Visit in 2016

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We all love to travel the world and explore new destinations, but sometimes we need a little inspiration of where we want to go next. So why not broaden your horizons and visit some specials gems of the world. We’ve put together our top 10 destinations to visit in 2016.


Where else but the most popular destination for Brits for over 20 years. With its hot climate and diverse landscapes, it is obvious why Spain is loved by so many. Explore the party spirit (or fiesta feelings) and its fine food and drink, sitting on one of the many sunny beaches is a delight for all.


Perhaps you fancy somewhere less obvious. Then maybe a trip to Holland can stir the artist inside you. Home to some of the world’s greatest masterpieces, groundbreaking designs and architecture and some of the finest nightlife in all of Europe, Holland provides something a little different for seasoned travellers.


If you are a lover of ‘man-food’ and ales then the best place to be is Germany. With plenty of fine gastro delights for you to taste you may come back a few pounds heavier. Deutschland is also home to some of the most fascinating history and architecture, that has shaped the world we know today.


The home of Vienna, but that means nothing to me! Austria is the home of beautiful landscapes and stunning architecture, a complete contrast from location to location. If you love variety and culture, then why not visit somewhere totally different and explore the characterful regions of Austria.


Smack bang in the middle of Western Europe is a country with a fascinating and complicated history which has left plenty to discover in this fascinating region. From castles and medieval architecture to revolutionary art and hip cafes there is a bit of everything, including the wide range of food and three official languages!



If you fancy a short trip across the channel to discover passion and romance, then France is just the ticket. With Paris being the capital of love, it is a city packed with art and culture. Of course, the Riviera is a top destination to see the stars and there is nothing quite like visiting the rural regions and tasting the best wine in the world!


If you are a lover of chocolate then Switzerland is THE place to go! Switzerland is a fascinating country, in the heart of Europe but not in the union. It ranks as one of the greatest countries to live on Earth, particularly in 'Quality of Life'. Why not take a visit and find out why!



If you love the Mediterranean, then why not try Croatia. With its beautiful coastlines on the Adriatic coast, the country has unique weather conditions that allow a diverse biology. Discover over 50,000 species of creatures in wetlands, grasslands, bogs, coasts, forests, caves and pits.



If you fancy somewhere a little closer to home, perhaps a trip to Jersey is in order. With its beautiful beaches this little island situated between the UK and France is full of beauty and nature, which is the perfect break for all the family.


My favourite country in the world, and for many others too! Full of art, culture, beauty, fine wine, and gorgeous food, there is perhaps nowhere finer on this great earth. The birthplace of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, Italy has more Unesco World Heritage cultural sites than any other country on Earth. Well worth a visit, at least once in your lifetime!

We hope that provided some inspiration for your next trip. Let us know your favourite destinations to visit in the comments or on social media!

Words by David Roberts

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