9 Reasons to Love Cruise Holidays

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When choosing an exotic escape for the year, it is important to choose the right one for you and your hard earned savings. Those who haven’t yet considered booking a cruise for such a getaway often note worries of feeling claustrophobic or seasick as reasons for not doing so. Consider the value for money, streamlined process, unlimited access to incredible destinations and the huge variety of activities on offer however, and it is easy to see how those worries can quickly be banished with the lure of a holiday of a lifetime.

There are many reasons why cruises are a great option for many different holiday preferences and requirements, and we have listed just 9 below:

  1. Great Value for Money – When buying a cruise, the fare you pay covers almost every spend that needs to be considered when booking a holiday. From the transport and accommodation to food, drink and entertainment – this will all be included in your cruise package, so there will be no surprise costs to pay whilst enjoying your break. Savings tools such as the Leisuretime Travel Fund can also help you manage the budget, bringing a once in a lifetime trip that bit closer.
  2. Easy to Plan – Holidays can be overwhelming with the amount of planning and preparation that is needed. When booking a cruise you choose your ship, itinerary and cabin in advance, so once you are on board you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself stress free.
  3. Many Countries, Little Stress – Once you are on board the ship, you only need to go through all travel logistics such as packing andschedule watching once. After that, you can enjoy the luxury of waking up each day in a new country with new sights to see and no hassle at all!
  4. Exotic Destinations with Ease–It can be daunting to travel to unexplored places with language and cultural barriers. Cruise ships have on-board, knowledgeable guides who can help you dare to discover your new favourite destinations. All of the paperwork is taken care of and the most beautiful points of each new country served up by experts so you don’t even need to narrow down which highlights to hit on your trip.
  5. Quick-fire Culture –Children with short attention spans can often seem disinterested in learning what there is to know about local history or landmarks. Cruises allow you to see the highlights of each place in easy to swallow chunks, capturing the imagination of even the most distracted explorer!
  6. Never be Bored – On a cruise, the travel is as much the occasion as is each destination. The ships used are built to the highest degree with huge varieties of leisure, chill out, nightlife, eating and drinking facilities on board. You can either visit your favourite haunts time and time again or discover new places each day, as you sail from island to island on an incredible floating city. Expect everything from comedy shows and Broadway style theatre to rock climbing and ice skating.
  7. Please the Whole Party - Sometimes, when planning a family holiday, it can be hard to choose a place or resort that everyone from children to grandparents are happy with. With so much to do on board a cruise ship there is plenty on offer to please each member of the party, so each leave with a unique experience, yet having had a great holiday together.
  8. Travel with New Friends – If you love to meet new people, cruising allows you to sail the seas with shipmates from far and wide, across the globe. There are plenty of opportunities to meet others by the bar, by the pool or enjoying any number of the fun activities on board.
  9. …Or Spend Quality Time with Those you Care about Most – With the glamorous restaurants, fine wines, moonlit skies and a sea of new discoveries, it is easy to see why cruises are considered a perfect choice for a romantic getaway with a partner.

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