Responsible Business

Responsible business is our business... Here at Leisuretime we believe in making a difference, not only by creating unforgettable holiday experiences for our customers, but also by reducing our impact on the world around us and helping those most in need.

Coaches are the cleanest way to travel

In fact, coach travel is as environmentally friendly as it gets these days (apart from walking and biking of course!).

Here is an example: a trip from London to Edinburgh results in average CO2 emissions per passenger of 10 kg per journey. The same journey by a car (carrying an average of 1.56 persons) would produce 71 kg, and by plane 96 kg.

Yes, the difference is HUGE. So, please do your bit, and Go By Coach!

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is quite simply making a difference to the environments and people we visit when we are on our travels. There are a number of ways we can do this:

• By ensuring that the communities we visit will benefit from the tourism we bring
• By ensuring that the local economies will be enhanced through tourism we bring
• By respecting the local traditions and cultures of the places we go
• By taking responsibility for actions while enjoying our holiday
• By helping with the protection of endangered wildlife

Protecting The Environment – Our Mother Earth Policy

Not a load of Rubbish... Giving you the best of everything is our mission, stocking up our local landfill most definitely is not. We believe that sustainability is the only way to go and so we’ve made a few promises to Mother Earth. We promise:

• To recycle all glass, paper, cans and plastic (80% of our rubbish is already recycled)
• To recycle some of the more unusual things such as batteries, light bulbs and print cartridges
• To reuse or donate anything else we don’t need
• To meet monthly, discuss our progress and constantly look for new ways to help preserve our beautiful planet
• To buy the most energy efficient appliances
• To use ecological cleaning products
• To promote walking and cycling to work
• To work with local councils on corporate social responsibility initiatives
• To partner with suppliers who are environmentally aware

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